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The ford mustang 94-04 series are known for their speed and ability to navigate seamlessly through challenging terrain. The perfect race car with an efficient engine, this vehicle of course wouldn’t always live up to its reputation without frequent and necessary upgrades, one in which involves its suspension and that’s where coilovers come in. The capability of speed, control and suspension adjustments of an automobile has great effect on its performance. A lot of pressure is put on tires and wheels which are held in place by coilovers. The quality and strength of coilovers help to reduce the effect of pressure due to heavy bumps.

The ford mustang is no stranger to racing. This car race veteran has the ability of overwhelming speed on tracks. With this in mind, the BC brand devised a customized coilover suited specifically for the ford mustang. The BC racing E-10 BR model of coilovers are made to fit the 94-04 ford mustang( this excludes the 99-04 cobra) . This model of coil over comes with fully packed installation instructions along with a few necessary components need for optimization. The suspension components engineered by the BC company is both suitable for race track and for regular driving. The kit also comes with modification knob used for dampening, height and rebound. The models come with differences in adjustment levels including options for a super low suspension. The BR E-10 coilovers come with these specifications.

  • Available front camber
  • Rear camber- not available
  • Linear pistons and dampening curve
  • The height adjustment is controlled by shock not spring
  • Compression and rebound are 30- clicks (dampening and adjustment)
  • Standard front camber plates
  • Standard read camber plates
  • Custom and swift spring rates are also available
  • The kit comes with a one year warranty
  • The convenience of this kit is that each part is available for purchase and is fully reconstructable.
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