HYBRID CARS: first step in to the future

Whenever the topic of cars is raised- many environmentalists show their immediate hatred towards it. Their reasons are completely justified: cars burn fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gases, which at this time of increasing pollutions is not at all helpful.

The never ending search of the automotive industry to make the car that is 100% pollution free made a major breakthrough with the invention of hybrid cars. So, you must be wondering what a hybrid car is. Is it a car and cycle together!? Well, hold your horses as the hybrid cars are not that different from regular cars.

A normal car uses an internal combustion engine which is a great thing for people who love great amount of speed and thrusts in their vehicles. On the other hand, internal combustion engine is majorly responsible for emission of greenhouse gases. An electric, as the name suggests runs on electricity-however motorists don’t prefer it due to the not-so-fast speed it has. In terms of pollution it does little.

Now imagine the ‘gene’ of an electric car is mixed with that of an internal combustion engine car. Yes, you probably guessed it right! Hybrid car is a car that uses two or more distinct types of power. For example: an electric motor plus internal combustion engine. Pretty cool right!

Hybrid cars have the biggest advantage of giving the user the chance to switch from internal combustion engine to motor engine in a blink of an eye. So, how to fully utilize this? Well, in a busy city road or on a road with low speed limits use the electric motor power as horse power is not required. Thus, you lower carbon emission. When, however, on an old country lane where the roads splits the endless fields and is as empty as the desert-that’s when you can switch to internal combustion engine and feel the air graze against your skin and feel the utter joy of driving a car..

Although hybrids have flourished and almost every big car manufacturers, like Toyota, have included at least one model in their productions- many have had complain regarding the all so expensive battery! You see, the extra money that you are paying for the hybrid cars is actually the price you are paying to save the world. Now let this sink deep in to your hearts.

Today the concept of hybrid has developed immensely and there are many cars which run on a hybrid fuel! Not only that there are also fluid powered hybrids-you may be confounded hearing this so let me give a brief intro on it: this type of car uses an engine to charge a pressure accumulator to drive the wheels via hydraulic or compressed air, in most cases the engine is entirely removed from the drivetrain so its purpose remains to charge the accumulators. It has a seamless transmission and the regenerative braking helps to restore some of the pressurized energy.

Hybrid cars are a great development of the automotive industry-hopefully in the future cars will make everyone happy without harming the earth and our pockets.

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